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What is a Media Grid?

A MediaGrid is an open source implementation of InterStream Media Grid elements.  These elements are comprised of software & hardware elements which originate, receive, proxy, cache, and forward the ISTP streams to other Media Grid elements or to termination points such as a ISTP clients.  Media Grid elements (or engines) self-organize their forwarding connectivity and association so that ISTP objects (referenced via Handles) may be optimally streamed or downloaded across an ISP's network.

What may be manaaged on the Media Grid?

The MediaGrid is managed via global and local policies set for either autonomous networks, or individual elements, respectively. There are two primary groups of policies that may be set declaratively: Mediation and Optimization policies.

What are Mediation Policies

Mediation policies allow Internet Service Providers to control how the capacity of their network is used by various applications. nuMetra's technology helps broadband service providers better manage the transmission control protocol's (TCP's) effects on their network. In essence, ISPs can better control the traffic flows inside their networks and enable new levels of service.

Three Categories of Service: Premium, Best-Effort, and Throttled

Today, ISPs do not have the ability measure the best-effort service levels on their network to ensure a consistent experience to their subscribers. nuMetra represents a new way to measure both network capacity and demand. By enabling ISPs to use quantitative measurement mechanisms, nuMetra can accurately predict service levels for premium video delivery, gaming, and traditional applications like web browsing or email.  In addition, the Media Grid manager will allow ISPs to better control peer-to-peer traffic on their networks when the stateless mediation controllers are deployed.

What are Optimization Policies? 

Optimization policies define how the connectivity and forwarding behavior of Media Grid elements. Individual elements self-organize and associate themselves in the most optimal form so that adjacent elements in the grid will maximize the utility of the network. In essence, these policies define how the grids within an ISPs network should be optimized for their unique business requirements.

Available to any ISP who executes an InterStream Mediated Bandwidth Agreement

The InterStream Industry association defines an Mediated Bandwidth Agreement for participating ISPs who wish to use nuMetra's Media Grid secure mediation controller hardware and software and offer premium services on their network. Any ISP who wishes to participate may simply sign the agreement, and set a rack-rate price for their premium bandwidth. By doing so, ISPs will have access to all Media Grid management facilities of this site.

For more information about the InterStream Association, please see their website:
Broadband Providers can:

1. Create mediation and forwarding polices for their network bottlenecks and grids under their administrative control. These policies include:
  • Assigning the stream blocking probabilities per capacity block
  • Managing to specific service levels for premium, best-effort, and throttled services
  • Review previously set policies and key statistics for the ISTP protocol
  • Setting global routing and capacity utilization policies for bottlenecks
  • Assign capacity utlization metrics to individual bottlenecks
2. Define their own service levels and mediation policies. Within the quality requirements of the InterStream association, broadband providers may manage and allocate the amount of capacity on their networks which will be used for premium services.

3. Choose who to share reports and other information with. Broadband providers may wish to share key usage statistics and other information with upstream peers and other providers.  This portal may be used to set the sharing policies for this information.

4. Note: PGP/GPG keys are not escrowed by this site. So Broadband Providers must maintain their own escrow and generate their own keys.

Transit Providers can:

1. Set Hamming routing policies for transit to better manage backbone traffic flow of ISTP streams on their network.

2. Review transit protocol statistics for both the ISTP and TCP-Mustang traffic on their network

Choose who to share reports and other information with. Transit providers may wish to share key usage statistics and other information with upstream peers and other providers.  This portal may be used to set the sharing policies for this information.

4. Note: Transit providers who are also broadband providers may designate either one or two logins to this portal. Two PGP/GPG keys are required for administration of both Transit and Broadband Mediation Policies.

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